Giving Back

Just as my inspiration for painting comes from my surroundings, and my practice is to be in the present moment, I also believe that being strongly connected to our communities, both local and international is vital. I knew Jean Watson for many years, and I am inspired by her strength and determination, and her belief that we can make choices to make a positive difference in the world. In 1987 Jean sold her home in Wellington and purchased a plot of land in India to establish a home for poverty stricken children.

I am a Trustee for the Karunai Illam Trust and 10% of money received for my paintings is donated to the Trust for the children, so by supporting me and buying my paintings you are also supporting the children. All money donated to the Illam goes to the Illam and the children.

The Karunai Illam Trust NZ in partnership with DHAN Foundation India seeks to improve the education and living standards of girls and boys at the home (Illam) by providing them with a safe, nurturing and learning environment that includes shelter, food, uniforms and access to education. The children come from extremely deprived families in the region.

The Karunai Illam Trust has no employees and is entirely dependent on voluntary work and donations. With no advertising and minimal overheads, more than 95% of donations are forwarded to an NGO, DHAN Foundation, for the children and to run the Illam.

Karunai Illam Trust is an incorporated charitable trust and registered #23802 under the Charities Act 2007. NZ donors are normally eligible to claim a tax credit. Karunai Illam Trust provides a safe channel for donations.